Vegetables In Panama

Vegetables For Sale In Panama:









Large Bell Peppers (Pimenton) In Green, Red, & Yellow.  Orange in Medium Size:  Enormous and thick walled, bell peppers that deserve to be in prime grocery store space.  Sold in 30 lb. bags. Can also be boxed. Sizes: Large, Medium, Chico/Small. Call or email for wholesale pricing.

Bell Peppers Colors

JalapenosJalapeno PepperMild Jalapeno Peppers:  These restaurant variety peppers are perfect for Latin American recipes, restaurant “jalapeno poppers” and commercial food preparation. Very low heat, 1.5″ – 3″ size.  Sold in 5 – 30 lb. bags. Call or email for wholesale pricing.

Tomatoes: Large Cherry & Pera (Panama).

Sweet Million Cherry TomatoPear Tomatoes 2









Cayenne Pepper, Fresh Or Ground/Dehydrated: Hot and delicious!







Famous Gourmet Japanese Shishito Peppers. Delicious and Tasty.  (CLICK HERE) to see how to cook these . . .



Hot Habanero Peppers:   Delicious and powerfully hot! Available in limited quantities weekly.






Reapers 2

GROWING NOW, HARVEST SOON!  Carolina Reapers: The hottest pepper on planet earth! careful! One of these bad boys and you will heat a 5 gallon pot of chili to a 5 alarm fire “HOT”!  Sold in limited quantities in the near future.



If you have need for a certain vegetable, fruit or flower, we may have the perfect grower/supplier for your custom order. Export is available from Panama to your nation. Same day air shipping available for exotic pepper orders.   Call Daniel at 507-6121-0591 or email .

On all products, market rate applies. Email or call for current pricing.

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