Global Initiative Launched: Growers United Against World Hunger!


Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 3.56.53 AM2025: The year where the world reaches crisis level food shortage.  According to many world organizations, up to 40% of our world population will not be able to find 1,000 calories of food per day.  That’s 4 out of 10 people.  This will be the cause of great famine and death and potential world war.  The John’s Hopkins University study finalized by Don Hinrichsen, a United Nations Population Fund senior consultant, reports that we will add 1 billion people to the planet every 20 years.  This is primarily because certain cultures frown on using contraceptives or they are simply not available in many nations. As a result, food production must double by 2025 from present levels.  Without major advances in agriculture, there simply will not be enough food to feed the world.

Join GROWERS UNITED today. We can fulfill the global initiative in a few short years to provide increased production, innovations to boost capacity, and adequate dispersement/distribution to reach the far corners of the earth.  We have a long way to go, and only a few short years to reach the goal.

globalfoodshortage2How can you help?

1. If you are a food producer or distributor, make a serious commitment to raise your production levels by 20% over the next 5 years.  Whatever that means to you, COMMIT!

2. If you are an innovator, inventor, or developer, make a serious commitment to focus your innovative capacities to increased food production.  Then work to bring these innovations to the world table so they can be implemented “en masse” around the world.

globalfoodshortage3. If you are a person who has influence and have a passion to see hungry people fed quality nutritious foods, then use your influence to raise awareness, raise funds, and start a food program.  Buy a farm. Plant a garden for awareness and education.  Sponsor a feeding program in an unreached village. Take a team trip and help a community plant their fields.  Engage. Interact. Spread the message around the world.

There is more to come. But for now, choose something that you can do to beat the 2025 deadline. Start now, as 18 million people will die this year due to starvation in our world.  Time is short. They are calling to us to be the first responders to this global crisis.

Thank you!

Dr. Daniel Daves, President

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