Japanese Shishito Peppers – New Restaurant Craze

GFP-Front-ShishitoWe are currently producing the new Japanese Shishito Peppers at our Panama greenhouse
location.  These wonderful little peppers are delicious and not hot at all (although one in ten might have a little kick).  Shishitos are the new restaurant craze through North America and Europe.  A person could easily spend $10 – $12 for 12 peppers at a fine dining establishment.

Check out the video to learn how easy it is to cook Shishitos 


These peppers are so easy to cook.  Lightly cook in coconut or olive oil until they go flat or until the outside is lightly seared. Add salt and serve to taste. Some people add lime or lemon to the peppers as well. Others add these peppers with a cut of trout, salmon, steak or chicken.

Shishito-Big-Daddys-3One restaurant in the vacation resort town of Boquete, Panama (Big Daddy’s) is offering them at a special introductory price, and they have a cool “Russian Roulette” theme on the advertisement, to see who might get the spicy one.

If you would like to try these peppers out, let us know. We are currently able to supply approximately 500 pounds per month, with larger quantities 16788115_10210510559472487_1769327802_navailable with contract aShishitos Cookedrrangements.  Contact us at info@globalfoodproviders.com or 507-6121-0591.

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